VIDEO - Surviving the New "Drunk Driver"

video iconHere's a video about distracted driving with a different point of view: how to avoid them! DriveSafeRideSafe believes that all drivers need to be educated about the likelihood they will need to protect themselves from the mistakes of other drivers on the road.

Is Your Vehicle Mechanically Fit?

Scrap CarBeing able to go to our vehicle, put our key in the ignition and drive off to whatever destination suits us is a luxury that we seldom consider. I would dare say that for many of us the only time that we really consider our vehicle is when it fails us.

REPORT - Motor Coach Safety Review

BC LogoThe Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has released it's final report on the safety of motor coach transportation in the province.

EVENT - Safe Driving for Seniors - Parksville, December 9, 2016

VIU Elder CollegeJoin me for a 3 hour seminar, Safe Driving for Seniors, in Parksville on December 9, 2016 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The seminar is part of Vancouver Island University's Elder College program.

CASE LAW - R v Erfani

BC Courts Coat of ArmsMana Erfani received a two count traffic ticket for not having a valid driver's licence and using an electronic device while driving. She intended to dispute both counts, but on the advice of an insurance agent, paid the fine for the no driver's licence count. On the date set for the trial of the use electronic device count, Ms. Erfani failed to appear and was deemed convicted.

REPORT - Cannabis and Road Safety: Policy Challenges

TIRF logoThe following is quoted from the document's executive summary:

The identification of priority strategies, relevant issues, and implementation plans was a central focus of this study, which can serve to inform road safety strategies for drugged driving. A total of 46 individuals consisting of both line staff and managers from 25 agencies that represented Federal and provincial stakeholders in the areas of law enforcement, transportation and health were interviewed to identify cannabis -impaired driving legislative and policy priorities, the types of knowledge that are most relevant to inform decision -making in these areas, and concerns related to implementation.

Insurance Fraud & Insurance Rates - Who to Believe?

Question MarkOuch! My ICBC insurance rates are going up as much as 42% over the next five years according to an article in the Province newspaper. I already paid $630 this year for the privilege of having my fellow British Columbians help me pay for collision liability if I make a mistake and crash my pickup. I’m not looking forward to paying $895 in 2021, but when you consider how much you could be on the hook for if you didn’t have insurance, even that doesn’t look too bad.

VIDEO - Rethink Speed

video iconQuoted from the YouTube video page: Our speed is one of the few things we control on the roads. While speed doesn’t always cause crashes, it always determines the severity of a crash. This is because the speed we travel at creates a force and it’s our vehicle and our bodies that absorb this force in a crash. This means the faster we choose to travel, the more severe a crash will be (whether the crash is our fault or not).

What Are My Duties as a Driver?

Road Safety Starts With YouLast week we looked at what you should be entitled to expect as a driver on B.C.’s highways. It only seems fair that we should examine what your duties as a driver are this week. As before, if I miss or misstate any of them, you are welcome to e-mail and express your opinion.

EVENT - National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims 2016

National Day of RemembranceAn average of 5 people die on Canada's roads each day and it happens almost every day in British Columbia too. The National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims is Canada’s way to remember and honour these victims and their families.

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