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B.C.'s Collision Counter

Estimated collision types for British Columbia in 2014 to date:

Motor Assisted Cycle or Motorcycle?

Motor Assisted CycleWhether your mechanical skills are limited to taking the pedals off of your motor assisted cycle or extensive enough to attach a gasoline engine to a bicycle, both could land you in trouble with the rules. Making either of these modifications will turn your transport into a motor vehicle that requires insurance and licence plates.

ICBC Introduces Revised Class 5 Re-Exam

ICBC LogoTest someone for long enough and they will make enough mistakes to fail. This observation from a driving instructor that I spoke with last weekend made me think because we were discussing the new class 5 road test protocol for driver re-examinations. ICBC will apply the new standard to drivers who are already fully licensed but are having their current capabilities tested.

RESOURCE - The Senior Driver Toolkit

BCAA LogoThe British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) has announced the launch of it's Senior Driver Toolkit. The Toolkit is aimed at helping both aging drivers and their families. It is part of the larger CAA Seniors Driving Site that is designed to show seniors how to stay safe behind the wheel, maintain confidence, and take concrete steps to modify driving habits if needed.

VIDEO - Now You See Me

video iconIf you don't check your mirrors, you don't know what you are missing! The UK Automobile Association's Think Bikes Campaign includes this "cheeky" 39 second video to remind drivers that failing to look is one of the major contributing factors for all types of collisions. With the start of better cycling weather in BC, this is something to keep in mind here too.

People That You Won't Share the Road With

Road RageYou may have seen the road rage video lately where a woman doing the speed limit refuses to move out of the left and lane and a man driving a pickup wants by. He eventually passes and then drops back to wave a single digit and yell at the woman. He finally accelerates heavily and gets back into the lane in front of her, losing control and crashing in the median.

RESEARCH - Rethinking Streets

Road ConstructionThe web site describes this publication as "Rethinking Streets: An Evidence-Based Guide to 25 Complete Street Transformations, documents twenty-five case studies from around the country that helped facilitate more walking, biking, and transit use while enhancing commercial activity, with minimal to no negative impact on automobile access."

PHOTOS OF CONCERN - Seatbelt Self Repair

cameraThis photo taken by RCMP Collision Reconstructionist Cpl. Ken Dagg shows a seatbelt that was repaired by someone who sewed the pieces together. The strength of the repair was not sufficient to properly restrain the occupant during this collision. The repair failed, totally exposing the passenger to the forces of the collision rather than protecting them from it.

Turn Signals are not Always a Polite Request

Turn SignalEvery now and again I end up scratching my head and wondering why I didn't think of it that way. This is one of those times and it has to do with turn signals. Ask most drivers what they mean and the response will probably be that a turn signal is a request to change direction or move from lane to lane. That isn't necessarily so.

VIDEO - Muck Up Day

video iconThis video is a TAC Victoria school resource and runs for 33:26. Muck up Day focuses on a learner driver who crashed at high speed after drinking at a party to celebrate the last day of Year 12 classes. One friend was killed, another seriously injured and the driver jailed for culpable driving.

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