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CASE LAW - Nguyen v British Columbia (Superintendent of Motor Vehicles)

BC Courts Coat of ArmsOn January 13, 2015 Van Nhut Nguyen was sentenced for failing to produce his driver's licence. The penalty was a $750 fine and one year term of probation during which he was not allowed to operate a motor vehicle between the hours of 7:00 pm and 6:00 am. It would appear that this is the result of an incident of driving while being prohibited from doing so.

BC's IRP Program Survives Another Court Challenge

Counsel for Lee Michael Wilson argued that the Approved Screening Device (ASD) result alone could not provide the officer with the reasonable grounds and that the officer was also required to point to other confirmatory evidence. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled today that this is not the case and dismissed the appeal of his Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP). The ruling supports the BC Motor Vehicle Act legislation that allows police to quickly and effectively remove impaired drivers from our highways.

READING - Eyes on the Road

RAC Foundation for MotoringThis publication, commissioned by the Royal Auto Club Foundation for Motoring, reviews the current scientific literature on the use of smart glasses and driver distraction. It also contains information obtained from an on-the-road experimental study comparing driver behaviour whilst navigating using smart glasses, smartphone-based satellite navigation and verbal instructions.

READING - IIHS Status Report, October 2015

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IIHS LogoI can remember stopping a vehicle once and finding enough defects that I felt a vehicle inspection order should be issued to the teenage driver. Later that day I received a telephone call from the teen's father. Would I consider rescinding the order? If I did not, it would likely be too expensive to repair the vehicle and the teen would have to do without. This issue of the Status Report looks at what would be a good choice if you were going to purchase a used vehicle for your teen to drive from the perspective of being both safe and affordable.

What Makes Road Safety - Who to Believe?

Question MarkI've just finished reading Eliminating Serious Injury and Death From Road Transport and find myself in agreement with much of its content. The time I've spent in traffic law enforcement and the investigation of a large number of collisions has shown me that many of them are suffered by people just like you and me. We aren't significantly misbehaving, we're experienced drivers and we were doing our best to drive safely in the circumstances. Human error, not lack of driver training or respect for other road users is at the root of more crashes than we would expect.

NEWS - Amendments to Winter Tire Rules in Effect, September 22, 2015

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BC LogoEffective September 22, 2015, the following amendments to BC's winter tire rules have been put into effect:

CASE LAW - Ferguson v Kennedy

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThis case concerns a collision that occurred on a gravel mountain road near Agassiz, BC. Solomon Kennedy had been passed by a pickup truck that raised a cloud of dust as it passed. Mr. Kennedy was travelling into the sun and was unable to see ahead due to the glare in the dust cloud. Connor Ferguson was travelling in the opposite direction as the pickup passed and saw that the Kennedy vehicle was partly on his side of the road. He sounded his horn and braked to a stop but was struck by the Kennedy vehicle.

NEWS - Reporting Bad Driving With the Vic PD App

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TextingThe Victoria Police Department has announced an app for both Apple and Android devices that may be used to report incidents of unsafe driving. The app extends a complainant's ability to report a traffic complaint on line. Depending on the level of involvement that you choose, the complaint will be taken for general information, a warning letter or court action. The app is available for free download now.

Powered Wheelchairs and Sidewalk Safety

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Covered ScooterWhen it comes to writing about motorized wheelchairs it is usually that they belong on the sidewalk with other pedestrians and not on the roads with the other vehicles. Less often it is that they don't need licence plates or insurance when operated by someone with a disability. Who would have thought that it might be about driving into and killing another pedestrian on the sidewalk? It happened in Burnaby two days ago.

RESOURCE - My Car Does What?

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ExclamationThe US National Safety Council in partnership with Toyota and the University of Iowa has created a web site titled "My Car Does What?" in response to the finding that many drivers do not know how to use the safety features that are found in the modern vehicle. The site is meant to be a simple answer to: how do safety features work? When should they be used? Do I have them in my car? And, how can I find answers to these questions?

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