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RESEARCH - 100 Car Naturalistic Study

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Toy CarThe 100 Car Naturalistic Driving Study was conducted under the auspices of NHTSA. The study is described in this quote from the web site:

2014 - Looking Back With Concern

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New Year ImagePinned to the top of the home page of the DriveSmartBC web site is a collision counter. Each day it ticks upward showing an estimate of the collision results to date on BC's highways. The numbers shown are calculated using the most recent averages from ICBC and the BC Injury Prevention Unit.

RESEARCH - CBC Marketplace: Paws for Concern

Crash TestWe buy products that we expect will perform according to the manufacturer's claims for them. In this case the product is a restraint for our canine friends when they ride in our vehicle with us. The claim is that the restraints will protect the animal. CBC Marketplace testing finds the contrary, our expectations may be putting both our pets and ourselves at risk.

CASE LAW - Davies v Elston

BC Courts Coat of ArmsJim Davies was unhappy with how close Kevin Elston parked his pickup truck to a cycle lane. The rearview mirror on the truck was a hazard to passing cyclists. Mr. Davies commented to his son who was riding along with him. Mr. Elston overheard the conversation, got into his truck and caught up to the Davies.

Random Christmas Thoughts

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Christmas WreathYou might remember a couple of articles ago I wrote about my procrastination over buying a set of tire chains for my pickup truck. Well, my wife reads my articles and had an a-hah moment. There's a set of tire chains under the tree for me so I can cope with the once every five years or so dump of snow here on the island and make it home when I am supposed to.

EVENT - Workplace Road Safety Workshop, Prince George 2015-01-20

Road Safety At WorkThis hands-on workshop is designed to help participants develop or improve a road safety program within their organization that follows best-practices.

Making a Proper Stop. How Hard Can It Be?

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Stop SignIt doesn't take much to amuse a retired traffic cop. I was parked waiting for my wife and had about 15 minutes to watch traffic at a T intersection marked with a stop line, crosswalk and stop sign. Traffic on the city side street was steady as it was dusk and near the end of another business day. During the time I watched, not one driver came to a proper stop.

RANT - Lift a Finger, Save a Life

Rick Mercer Report LogoRick Mercer asks "When did using a turn signal become optional in this country?"

RESOURCE - National Safety Code for Carriers

New BC LogoCommercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) is now hosting an on line training course for commercial carriers to assist with National Safety Code (NSC) compliance. The course consists of five modules:

NEWS - BC Forest Safety Council Rumblings Newsletter Returns

After a one year hiatus, the Rumblings newsletter produced as a part of the BC Forest Safety Council Trucksafe program is back. Aimed at keeping drivers informed about what's happening in BC forestry transportation safety, publication resumes with issue 150 dated December 2015.

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