VIDEO - The Cell

video iconAustralia's Transport Accident Commission in Victoria state has published The Cell, an anti-drugged driving video that is part of a TV advertising campaign there. In their typically hard hitting style the video shows a young male driver taking drugs at a party and the consequences of that choice on the drive home afterward.

Traffic Bylaws - More Than Just Parking Rules

Parking MeterThe Motor Vehicle Act and Regulations together make up the traffic enforcement "bible" for most police officers. They set the standards for traffic rules throughout the province of British Columbia. What you may not have considered but could still run afoul of are local traffic bylaws enacted by municipalities.

VIDEO - Unlocking the Mystery of Anti Lock Brakes

video iconThis video from the AAA Traffic Safety Foundation runs for 15:41 and uses humour to explain how your vehicle's anti lock brakes work and how you should use them.

CASE LAW - Sivia v Superintendent of Motor Vehicles

BC Courts Coat of ArmsB.C.'s tough provincial laws to combat impaired driving have survived a challenge in the B.C. Court of Appeal. In summary, the judgment says:

Your Worship, the Officer was a Jerk!

GavelYou've just received a traffic ticket and that fact hasn't shed any sunshine on your day. It's bad enough that this has happened, but from your point of view the officer was less than gracious when they issued it to you. I'll dispute the ticket and tell the court exactly what I think may cross your mind as you consider your situation.

NEWS - The Off-Road Vehicle Act

ATVThe province of British Columbia is in the process of creating legislation to control the use of off road vehicles on Crown and public land. Prior to operation these vehicles will require registration and a numbered plate that will be integrated with ICBC's vehicle registry. Operators of off road vehicles will be required to wear helmets along with their passengers. Owners of off road vehicles will be responsible for their operation in the same manner as motor vehicles operated on BC highways.

NEWS - Seatbelt Medical Exemptions to be Repealed

SeatbeltEffective on February 26th, 2014 you will no longer be able to submit an application to be exempt from wearing a seatbelt for medical reasons. The Canadian Medical Association’s Driver’s Guide states in Section 24 that “there are no medical circumstances that justify exemption from wearing a seat belt.” After this date doctors will no longer be able to issue exemptions.

EVENT - Safe Driving for Seniors, Parksville February 28, 2014

School Zone SignPlease join me from 1:00 to 4:00 pm for an Elder College seminar of interest to all drivers old enough to hold membership in Vancouver Island University's program. We will look at your current state of traffic rule knowledge, how aging affects your ability to drive, what would trigger a driver re-examination and what those examinations would entail. The seminar will be held in the Parksville City Hall Forum at 100 East Jensen Avenue.

Need an Eyewitness? Buy a Dash Cam

Dash CamSophisticated electronics are becoming more affordable every day. For less than $200 you can purchase a dash mounted video camera that will do a very good job of recording what is going on around you while you drive. Why would you want to do this? The video is a reliable witness that you can use to protect your interests when something goes wrong.


cameraThis interesting looking vehicle was checked at the Parksville weigh scale. As evidenced by the tops of the rear tires almost scrubbing against the top of the wheel wells, it was considerably overweight. Commercial trucks are not the only vehicles on the highway that may be removed from the highway if safe loading rules are not followed, this one was too. The driver likely didn't need to look at the vehicle capacity ratings on the sticker in the driver's door opening area to know that he should not have loaded the car like this, but if he had, it would have told him the maximum safe weights for the load.

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