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ICBC FILES - Top Frauds of 2014

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ICBC LogoAn exaggerated injury claim refuted by a travel blog; a hit-and-run victim turned perpetrator; and a false identity detected with facial recognition technology—these are just three of the most interesting cases from ICBC's fraud files last year.


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Speed DemonIn a public opinion survey of Canadian knowledge of and attitudes towards vehicle safety features, the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) found that a concerning 67.3% Canadians agree or strongly agree that vehicle safety improvements make being involved in a collision less likely, meaning that they can drive faster. In addition, 17.2% agreed or strongly agreed that they would drive the speed limit or faster if their vehicle had safety features, even though it was raining and they felt it might be risky to drive the speed limit.

Cognitive Testing of Older Drivers

Senior DriverI am often asked about driver testing, particularly now that some older drivers are being given cognitive testing as part of the mandatory medical evaluation at and after age 80. This is called the SIMARD test and was developed at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. It allows the doctor or their medical staff to quickly and accurately identify people who are having cognitive difficulty that would compromise safe driving.

Caveat Vendor - Window Tinting

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Black SquareThe Victoria Times Colonist is reporting on a crackdown with regard to tinted windows on vehicles by the local Integrated Road Safety Unit (IRSU). The article quotes a business owner who tells his customers that some window tinting is illegal and that the buyer should beware. What the article fails to touch on is that the vendor should also beware.

READING - Rumblings Issue 151

Tree SymbolThe latest issue of Rumblings is now available on line for your reading pleasure. Rumblings is aimed at heavy commercial vehicle drivers in British Columbia's forest industry and is published by the BC Forest Safety Council. Included in this issue are updates on the Motor Vehicle Act, CVSE and WorkSafe BC along with upcoming events and some health tips!

VIDEO - First on Scene

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video iconWould you know what to do if you were the first on scene following a crash on the highway? This 16 minute video from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety explains in general what to do at the roadside to make a significant difference for the victims.

VIDEO - Three Invisible Pedestrians

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video iconThere're quite a few accidents daily in Vancouver, pedestrians being hit. Just last night, someone was hit in New West and they had to close Stewardson Way. Its crazy the way people walk here. Full deep black is not visible through a wet screen with a thousand lights flashing in your eyes from the oncoming cars lights.

Why Don't We Teach Driving in School?

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Question Mark"Will driver education ever be made mandatory?" asks a DriveSmartBC reader. He expressed the opinion that most of what drivers need to know could be taught in the high school classroom. While I would like to see mandatory training I don't think that this could be done well in high schools because of the lack of an opportunity to actually drive under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

BC Bad Driver of the Week: 580MPP

I suspect this driver changed their mind about which way to go after setting up for a left turn just a bit too far into cross traffic. You can see one vehicle turn right from behind him as we approach and a second vehicle prepare to do so. After passing we see this driver turn right instead.

The Officer Should Have Exercised Discretion

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Good Cop, Bad CopThe subject of an officer using his or her discretion in the issuance of a traffic ticket is often part of the explanation in the discussion forum on the DriveSmartBC web site. People asking for assistance in formulating their defence in traffic court often feel that in their case the officer should have given them a warning instead of a ticket.

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