Funeral Processions

Flashing Purple LightThis is an article on etiquette and consideration for others that has little to do with safety, and everything to do with respect. I was asked to write on the subject of funeral processions by the friend of a family whose members were upset at the lack of thought shown by other drivers entering and leaving the procession to the cemetery.


image of a motorcycle rider stuntingThere is a time and a place for everything, but stunting in traffic on the streets and highways of British Columbia isn't it. In addition to issuing expensive traffic tickets to these drivers, police are also required to impound the stunt vehicle.

Surge Brakes

Surge Brakes"Oh yeah, I know the trailer brakes are working, I could feel them grabbing on the hill!" To me, this was almost as reliable as "The cheque is in the mail!" when it came to testing trailers with surge brakes at the roadside.

Patrolling Intersections

image of Highway IntersectionsI've been asked to comment on why intersections are not patrolled as often as highways. The person making that request observed that there is a significant propensity for drivers to run yellow and red lights. It appears to them that intersections pose a much greater and possibly deadlier risk than speeding on a straight stretch of highway.

Your Day in Traffic Court

Scales of Justice"I'll see you in traffic court!" This hollow threat often ended conversations at the roadside after a driver was issued a traffic ticket for a violation. I knew that few of them would actually carry out their intention and if they did, there would probably be no coherent defence made.