HELP - How Do I Find....

Question MarkThis site has existed since 2004 and contains a lot of material. It can be a chore to find exactly what you are looking for, so this guide on how to search the site effectively may help you.

Simple Search:

The search tab at the top right of every page on the site is your first stop.

Search on yellow line will find all stories containing the words yellow or line.

Search on "yellow line" will find all stories containing the phrase yellow line.

You may choose to combine words and phrases such as police and "traffic ticket" or "double solid" and "yellow line" if you wish.

Advanced Search:

advanced search

If you use the basic search explained above and find multiple pages of results displayed, you can click on the Advanced search link. You will be presented with the following:

advanced search choices

This example will search all stories about case law for the phrase left turn.

You should always use the type Story for your advanced search.

Content by Category:

The Content by Category page contains a list of links to the various categories of stories on the site. There is a link to it under the NAVIGATION title in the left column of all pages.

Tags on Stories:

Each story has a collection of tags identifying content type below the title at the left. These tags work the same way that the links on the content by category page do. They are both quick methods of producing a list of stories on the site that are related by the tag content type.

Happy Searching!