The Basic Driving Rules

image of a rule bookWhy would a website that specializes in road safety and traffic law in British Columbia refer to the German Road Traffic Regulations? If you take a moment to read the basic driving rules at the beginning and think about it for a moment, maybe you will agree that this is the way our Motor Vehicle Act should start.

The Basic Driving Rules

Section 1 Basic rules 

(1) Use of the road requires constant care and mutual respect. 

(2) A person using the road shall act in such a way as not to harm or endanger or, more than is unavoidable in the circumstances, to hinder or inconvenience any other person.

Constant Care and Mutual Respect

This is almost a philosophy rather than a rule and something that is significantly lacking in our "Me First!" driving attitude today. Sadly, it has become rare to witness instances of mutual respect when we drive.

Not to Harm, Endanger, Hinder or Inconvenience

The first thought that came to my mind when I read this was the rules from the book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.

If you have the time and the interest, maybe we can compile a similar list of rules for new drivers. Please share your thoughts.

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