NEWS - Deterring Over Height Vehicle Crashes

Truck Tractor and TrailerAbout once a month an over height vehicle or its load is involved in a collision with an overpass somewhere in British Columbia. These crashes cause damage, stop traffic and increase safety risks for everyone according to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Common Causes of Over Height Vehicle Crashes

It is up to the driver of a commercial vehicle to know the maximum height of their vehicle and load. When they approach overhead highway infrastructure, it is marked with an advisory clearance sign and it is up to them to ensure that they will fit underneath.

Highway Clearance Sign for Over Height Vehicle

The most common reasons for over height vehicle collisions (beyond the obvious) include:

  • Failing to obtain an over height permit
  • Failing to follow the requirements of an over height permit
  • Failing to insure the load is reduced to the lowest height possible

Significant Penalty Increases

Effective December 14, 2023 fines for over height vehicle violations increase from $115 to $575.

Administrative Sanctions After Crashes

Compliance Circular # 05-2023 outlines administrative sanctions that may be taken against companies that hold a B.C. Safety Certificate. The sanctions discussed include:

  • Carrier suspension with length to increase on subsequent crashes
  • Requirement to address areas of non-compliance before reinstatement
  • Possibility of a full audit or cancellation of the safety certificate

Warning Devices

Effective on June 1, 2024 commercial vehicles with a dump box that rises more than 4.15m above ground must have a warning device to alert the driver with a visual or audible warning that the box is raised.

The fine for not having the warning installed will be $598.

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