Q&A - Will a Collision Affect My "N"?

New Driver Signs 2011Question: I am a new driver with an N licence and I got into a collision by rear ending someone. The damage was basically a minor "fender bender." There was just minor damage to their license plate and mine.

I just fell asleep for one or two seconds while slowly moving through heavy traffic after a long day at school.

My question is, would anything happen to my license after this incident?

The owner of the other car I hit also made a claim.

image of rear end collision

Risk of a Collision

As you have found out, driving while sleepy can have serious consequences. It reduces your reaction time, makes you less able to pay attention to the road and affects your ability to make proper decisions.

You were lucky to get away with minor damage and no injuries.

Road Test Time Reduction

If you passed an ICBC approved training course hoping to reduce your time in the N portion of the new driver program, an at fault collision will cancel this opportunity.

Penalty Points and the New Driver

If you were issued a traffic ticket for the collision, RoadSafetyBC will consider applying the provisions of the Driver Improvement Program to you. Essentially this is a short driving prohibition.

This will also remove your early test opportunity.

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I must say that falling asleep at the wheel in traffic is not a minor thing. It could well have been a person you hit instead of the tail end of a car in traffic. The first thing you should always do when preparing to drive is to check yourself. Are you ready and capable of being alert and aware behind the wheel. Take a walk, have a snack, drink some water, these things can help you stay more alert behind the wheel. Let's hope this was a real wake-up call to you.