A Neighbourhood Traffic Problem

Road Safety Starts With YouWe all have what we perceive as a traffic problem in our neighbourhoods. Here's a Facebook discussion of a recent one near where I live: Nanoose Bay Beefs & Bouquets. As you can see, there is disappointment in the response of authorities and a few different proposed solutions.

Location of Traffic Problem

The driver in the fatal crash under discussion essentially travelled straight into this image, left the road and struck the large tree.

Without knowing any more than this, there are a number of possibilities that might have been responsible for the crash including falling asleep, impairment, distraction or even a steering failure.

ICBC Crash Map

ICBC crash map 2018 to 2022

The site of this crash is marked by the X in the image above taken from ICBC's crash maps. The number of crashes over the 5 year period is not a significant one.


The approach to this corner has a posted speed of 60 km/h with a 30 km/h advisory sign at it's beginning. I don't know what the critical curve speed is, but I'd bet that it is closer to the former rather than the latter.

Reflective yellow and black arrow signs outline the curve.

The road is in a good state of repair, although the flat railroad crossing on the slope makes travel a bit rough.

Possible Solution

image of steps involved in solving a traffic problem

A simple solution not mentioned in the discussion would be a barrier that redirected drivers back onto the roadway instead of allowing them to go down the bank. It would be relatively inexpensive, does not require drivers to think and cannot be disobeyed like a stop sign.

Of course, if you drive fast enough, the barrier won't help much either.

The Authorities

In order to try and write a more informed article on this particular crash, I contacted the Oceanside RCMP Detachment to see if they would share some information. I received a positive response but ultimately no information. Subsequent follow up inquiries were ignored.

Solving Traffic Problems

Generally speaking, problems like this one are known to authorities. Solutions are prioritized according to need, cost and presence of more significant problems elsewhere.

A one off telephone call is not likely to make any difference to the schedule. If it is an issue that truly needs a solution, you will have to persist.

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