Fuzzy Dice & Other View Obstructions

I have noticed on many occasions that some of the worst drivers have objects hanging from their rearview mirrors. I understand that parking for the disabled decals may suggest the driver is older or limited physically. I feel the air fresheners may be used to mask maryjane or smokers might have smoke in their eyes. Some have religious symbols that may give them extra confidence.

We kill over a hundred pedestrians a year. I think they would be seen and recognized sooner if it weren't for this swinging obstructions.


I've written on the subject in an article titled Driving with Vision Obstructed. You are quite correct, it does present a significant hazard as a pedestrian can be hidden completely behind an object hanging from the mirror. It is not that common to see this in my travels, but it does happen often enough and I don't think that the drivers that do this consider the possibilities first.

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