Recall testing

The following post is not intended for aging drivers only. I posted it here as I wasn't sure where to put it.

In order to obtain a drivers license an individual must demonstrate knowledge of traffic laws/rules and proficiency in operating a motor vehicle.

Skills and knowledge were demonstrated when the drivers license was granted. Yet, over time many people replace those skills with poor habits, and the knowledge can become information infrequently accessed, if they can still recall it accurately or at all.

Traffic law enforcement, an accident or another driver reporting an unsafe driver does catch some people on a particular point of law, but may not uncover all the areas where a person lacks skills or knowledge to be a consistently safe driver.

New drivers are subject to the conditions of a graduated licensing system. There are those who would like to see drivers license reviews for older drivers.

Why not have recall testing over the entire course of time that an individual holds a drivers license? A recall test would hold drivers accountable over time for the skills and knowledge they demonstrated the day the privilege of driving a motor vehicle was granted to them.

The cost of the testing would be mitigated by a reduction in collisions, injuries and fatalities.

Unsafe drivers do not belong to one demographic - they are young, old and every age in between. Regular recall testing could help prevent drivers from developing unsafe driving habits, or correct a bad habit that has already developed. And, the issue of driver competency, aging or not, could also be addressed.

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