Scholarly information regarding some aspect of traffic safety.

RESEARCH - Rethinking Streets

Road ConstructionThe web site describes this publication as "Rethinking Streets: An Evidence-Based Guide to 25 Complete Street Transformations, documents twenty-five case studies from around the country that helped facilitate more walking, biking, and transit use while enhancing commercial activity, with minimal to no negative impact on automobile access."

RESEARCH - One Drink May Impair Older Drivers

Keys and DrinkA study by researchers at the University of Florida reports that "You may have only had one glass of wine with dinner, but if you’re 55 or older, that single serving may hit you hard enough to make you a dangerous driver." Groups of young drivers and older drivers were tested on a driving simulator sober and with blood alcohol levels of .04 and .065.

RESEARCH - TIRF Reports on Teenage Driver Fatalities in Canada

TIRF New Logo The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) reports 16 to 19 year old fatally injured drivers, especially males, continue to be over represented when compared with older drivers according to a new analysis of Canadian research published over the last decade.

RESEARCH - Car Telephone Use and Road Safety

texting while drivingBC's distracted driving laws allow the use of cellular phones if they are operated in hands free mode. This sends a mixed message to drivers that it is safe to talk and text if it is done hands free. Research indicates that this is not the case, it is the conversation itself that is responsible for the cognitive impairment and increased crash risk.

READING - Vision Zero International, June 2013

Vision Zero International LogoVision Zero International describes the latest in advanced automotive safety technologies. This issue looks at high tech methods to stop drinking drivers, driverless vehicles on our highways, whether WHO's decade for action on road safety is on track and how advances in illumination will advance automotive safety.

RESEARCH - Safer speeds: an evaluation of public education materials

Speed DemonChoosing the speed to drive at on our highways is a highly controversial and individual decision. I would dare to say that the posted speed limit is only a guide for many drivers. For those drivers, the choice ranges from total disregard to the point that you decide what is 10 over from. Even some police managers that I have worked for over the years tended to downplay the involvement of speed in our collision problem. Personally, I remain convinced that those who consciously decide not to follow the rules are a part of the problem and civil disobedience has no place on our highways.

RESEARCH - Vehicle & Pedestrian Collisions in Vancouver

Walk SignalPedestrian Injury and Human Behaviour: Observing Road-Rule Violations at High-Incident Intersections is a study conducted by researchers from Simon Fraser University. They examined seven intersections in Vancouver known for the high incidence of pedestrian collisions.

RESEARCH - Evaluating Complete Streets

VTPI LogoThe Victoria Transport Policy Institute web site introduces the concept of Complete Streets. This term refers to roads designed to accommodate diverse modes, users and activities including walking, cycling, public transit, automobile, nearby businesses and residents. Such street design helps create more multi-modal transport systems and more livable communities. This report discusses reasons to implement complete streets and how it relates to other planning innovations.

RESEARCH - Marihuana and Driving Impairment

MarihuanaFrom the article abstract: "The influence of cannabis on traffic crashes is a growing concern. Experimental studies provide ample evidence of cannabis influence on psychomotor and cognitive performances. Epidemiological works describe the excess crash risk that this substance causes.

STUDY - How Weight Loads Affect Commercial Vehicle Safety

Ministry of TransportationWill limiting the weights of commercial vehicles on British Columbia highways have a measurable safety benefit? The Ministry of Transportation has commissioned a study to be conducted by EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd that will evaluate input from stakeholders, including public and industry knowledge as an important component of the project. 

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