Information on specific vehicle equipment.

Winter Tires

Winter Tire Symbol'Tis the season, to think about winter tires that is. Residents in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island might be able to get away with good all season tires if they stick close to home, but the rest of the province really should be equipped with true winter tires.

Your Teen's Vehicle

teens carWe are an affluent society. Teens today own vehicles in numbers only dreamed about when I was that age. Often their disposable income doesn't end there and many dollars are spent on vehicle modifications and improvements.

Check Your Lights

HID Headlights

The next time you get into your vehicle, start it up, set the parking brake, turn on all of the lights and the hazard flashers. Walk around your vehicle and check all the lights. Are they all lit as they should be, and are the lenses clean, intact and still the right colour? If so, you are good to go from the standpoint of lights at least.

Blue Headlights

HID Headlights

I don't like these blue headlights! They produce too much glare and it's harder for me to see when these vehicles are approaching. This is a typical and frequent comment made to me in discussions.

There are two types of headlights that emit blue coloured light, one legal and one not.

Lack of Mufflers

Automobile Muffler

Why don't you do anything about noisy motorcycles? This is a common question when the weather is good and the Harley's are out in force. It's a good question too, why don't the police do anything about this?

Coloured Lights Tell Us Something

Colored LightsThe lights that our vehicle is equipped with serve two important functions. They allow us to see and they allow us to be seen by other road users. The messages conveyed to others by our vehicle's lights must be clear with no opportunity for confusion.

Tire Inflation - Riding on Air

Riding on AirCentral Island Traffic Services is currently investigating a serious single vehicle collision with multiple injuries. Evidence at the scene indicated that one of the rear tires on the vehicle was flat prior to the collision. Under inflation of the tire may have been the cause of this incident.

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