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High Beams Blind Cyclists

Headlight GlareI bicycle to work with proper lighting and reflective gear. My safety concern is oncoming traffic with their high beams on, especially when it rains, because those oncoming high beams are like a welding arc or camera flash. Can you please recommend a simple, yet cost effective solution? Glasses don't help as they dull ones night sight. How can I alert traffic to lower their beams?

Motor Assisted Cycles

Motor Assisted CycleAre you going green? Is a motor assisted cycle something that you are considering the purchase of to help you get around? Adding an electric motor to a bicycle to help out with the chore of pedalling uphill or giving a boost to your efforts on level ground sure sounds good! A motor assisted cycle is described in B.C.'s Motor Assisted Cycle Regulation. Among other requirements:

Inconsiderate Bicyclists

Cyclist"What scares me is the amount of children who whiz by me, silently sometimes, riding their bicycles on the sidewalk." "After turning a corner a teenager on a bicycle came through a STOP sign. She did not slow down at all, nor did she have a helmet.


bicycleAs an active bike commuter, it would be nice to remind automobile drivers and bicycle riders of the rules for bicycles and motorists. Intersections always seem to be an issue while riding, especially when turning left. Another situation a bike rider can get into is when a 2 lane turns into one lane and a right turn lane. If the rider wants to go straight where does the bike go?

Rights and Duties of Cycle Operators

Cyclist"Are there rules for riding bicycles?" a reader asks after narrowly missing a collision with a bicyclist. "They seem to ride wherever they feel like it. How is a driver supposed to know what bicycle riders are going to do?"

The most significant concept in the Motor Vehicle Act is that the rider of a bicycle has the same rights and duties as the driver of a motor vehicle.

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