Information regarding collisions.


Intersection CrashI was driving through Nanaimo on a day off and approching an intersection showing me a green light. Just as I entered, I heard a loud crash and glanced to my left. One vehicle had attempted a turn across the highway and had gotten into the way of oncoming traffic. I glanced into my rearview mirror and watched the car cross over the highway behind me and stop in the ditch.

Wildlife Collisions

Deer Crossing Sign2002 collision statistics for British Columbia report 395 human injury and 5 human fatal collisions resulting from animal strikes on our highways. Over 8,000 collisions occur every year and ICBC pays out more than $20 million for the resulting insurance claims. The Ministry of Transportation pays out more than $600,000 in clean up costs.

Stop, Look, Listen, THEN Report

TelephoneLast week was a bad week for collisions in our patrol district. One call had us off to a three vehicle pileup in the northbound lanes near where the recent fire was in the median. There was no indication of how bad any injuries were, but since the highway is posted at 110 km/h someone is probably hurt so police, fire and ambulance were dispatched. Things went downhill from there.

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